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Heli-Skiing Holidays

Perhaps the ultimate powder skiing and snowboarding adventure must be a Heli-Ski or heli-boarding holiday. Soar off in a helicopter to ski or ride untouched slopes on remote mountain ranges, far out of reach of  lift reliant resort skiiers. The first vertical will take your breath away. Hovering over mountain peaks you gain access to untracked snow. Escorted by qualified mountain guides who show you the ideal route to follow and where to make those first tracks.

Heli skiing uses helicopters to gain access to backcountry skiing rather than a network of chairlifts. Away from manicured pistes this is true off piste terrain. Contrary to many skiiers' preconception most heli skiing is on regular gradient slopes. The attraction is the opportunity to find untouched snow with only your party to ski it! 

Heli-skiing is not the exclusive preserve of seasoned freeriders with multiple extreme video appearance to their name. To enjoy heli skiing descents you only need to be a strong piste skier.

A multi-night stay in a dedicated Heli-Ski Lodge is the ultimate heli-ski experience. Few places have the wilderness areas to allow a heli-ski operation to find truly remote spots. One exception is skiing in Canada, the birthplace of Heli skiing.

Day Heli-Skiing is available from many of our recommended resorts. Groups are combined based on ability.

Day Heli-Skiing and Heli-Boarding is available in

Whistler, Canada

St Moritz, Switzerland

Verbier, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

Lech, Austria