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Morocco Is A North African Country With A Coastline On Both The North Atlantic Ocean And The Mediterranean Sea. It Has Borders With Western Sahara To The South, Algeria To The East And The Spanish North African Territories Of Ceuta And Melilla On The Mediterranean Coast In The North.
Morocco Is Composed Mainly Of Arabs And Berbers Or A Mixture Of The Two. Berber Culture Has Been Long-standing And Remarkably Robust In The Face Of Foreign Invaders, Including The Romans, The Arabs And France During Colonial Days. Since Power Was Handed Back To Morocco In 1956, The Country Has Developed Into A Devoutly Muslim Nation That Is Being Drawn Into The Waves Of Modernity.
Stunning Atlas Mountains, Outstanding Trekking Opportunities, Invigorating Cities And Cultural Exoticism Have Make It A Deserved favourite Amongst travellers.

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