Spending the night in an igloo

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Spending the night in an igloo

Spending the night in an igloo
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When planning a ski holiday to Austria, most people don’t know that one of your accommodation choices is to spend the night in your very own igloo! No longer only achievable in Finnish Lapland, now you can spend a night in an igloo in the gorgeous Tyrolean Alps. And while you may never have heard of it before, the ALPENIGLU village in the Kitzbühel Alps is now on its tenth year with the 18 igloos being built from the ground up each season, featuring cosy accommodation, an ice bar and even an artistic art exhibition.


The accommodation at ALPENIGLU

Our very own, Janine Avery, enjoyed a night in the snow recently and you can read all about her experience here:

“Located at the top of the Brixendal Gondola station in the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser, the ALPENIGLU village is a sight to behold. Skiing down to the snow-covered mounds we enjoyed lazing outside on a deck chair with a warm gluhwein before heading inside to view these marvels of ice and snow. 


The sun sets of the ice bar in Austria

The first igloo gives way to a series of connected domes where we would later enjoy many a gluhwine and even a delicious traditional fondue around a table made of ice. Carved into the walls of the bar and dining area were a variety of animals, with a realistic wolf carving the highlight feature of the dining room.


Some of the amazing carvings found inside ALPENIGLU

There are no wooden tables or cushioned sofas here, everything is hand-crafted from ice and snow, although authentic reindeer hides do provide some warmth and comfort. In keeping with the theme, we even got to enjoy our very own ice-carving lesson where we learned that to carve a beautiful creation out of ice is almost as tough as doing the same out of stone.


Learning how to carve ice at ALPENIGLU

After that delicious fondue dinner, where we enjoyed some homegrown Austrian beef, we bundled into as much warm gear as we could possibly put on and were given a tour around the ice exhibition which included a magnificent farmyard scene and even a Game-of-Thrones style wedding chapel! Rounding down our fabulous evening, we trudged through the snow on a torchlit hike, roasted fresh bed alongside the fire and eventually crawled into our sub-zero sleeping bags in our igloo built for two!


The dining room with its ice tables

Surprisingly, with our feet warmers, fleece inner liners and reindeer hides, we were snug as a bug in a rug and didn’t feel cold all night.Rising to greet the sun as it glistened off the snow-covered landscape, we could definitely say that a night in an igloo comes highly recommended!”


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