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The Best Places To Stay In Crans Montana

The lesser-known ski resort of Crans Montana in the Swiss Rhone Valley is a fantastic ski destination. With wide gentle slopes, fantastic play parks, and dedicated kiddies zones, its a great choice for advanced or beginner skiers alike.

The Arlberg Ski Area To Become the Largest Linked Austrian Ski Area in 2016/17

When construction of the huge Flexenbahn project, four new gondolas, is completed for winter 2016/17 there will be a lift link between the two largest sectors of the Arlberg ski region between Lech and St Anton. The entire Arlberg skiing area will then be connected by lift. This will make the Arlberg ski area the […]

More than Marmot: How to ski, explore and enjoy Jasper

Headed into the Canadian Rockies this year you are in for a treat: there’s masses of snow forecast! And with resorts now opening it’s guaranteed to be an excellent season. Still, it’s never just about the snow… To get to Marmot it’s a four-hour journey along Highway 16 to Jasper. You are heading into a […]

A quick guide to Banff’s 3 best ski spots

Banff National Park is a vast area and Canada’s first national park. In the summer it’s a place of forests, lakes and wild mountain track; come winter it’s a skiing and snowboarding playground. And there are 3 main resorts you should look out for, each with their own attractions.

Snowboarding: Rocking Whistler or Laidback Lake Louise?

The two rivals are head to head when it comes to which you’ll choose when snowboarding in Alberta. That said, each has its own pros and cons. In an ideal world you‘ll have the time to try both, but if not here’s a look at the two to help you decide.

The Swiss train all skiers must ride

Linking together towns in Switzerland was never going to be easy, but somehow they managed to build a railway that serves some of the finest ski regions – and it’s a line you really should ride. On the Glacier Express The Glacier Express is the slowest Express train in the world! Unlike others it’s more […]

How to tell if the Rocky Mountains are in Canada or the USA

Its confusing when you read about the Rocky Mountains and the ski resorts that are dotted over them: are we talking about the Rockies in the USA or those in Canada? Are these the same mountains? Which country’s Rock Mountains will I be snowboarding? And are Canadians really friendlier than Americans? Ok, let’s leave behind […]

3 Canadian ski resorts you need to know about

Choosing to fly thousands of miles in search of excellent skiing is proof of just how much people love this sport. That said, it’s never wise to just pick a resort and go – while some of us prefer the quiet mountain village feel, others really want the all-inclusive luxury option. So, if you’ve got […]