A quick guide to Banff’s 3 best ski spots

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A quick guide to Banff’s 3 best ski spots

A quick guide to Banff’s 3 best ski spots
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Banff National Park is a vast area and Canada’s first national park. In the summer it’s a place of forests, lakes and wild mountain track; come winter it’s a skiing and snowboarding playground. And there are 3 main resorts you should look out for, each with their own attractions.

Lake Louise

The biggest ski resort in the Canadian Rockies with a skiable area of 1700 hectares (4200 acres). On the frontside you should look for Ladies Downhill and Juniper; get jaw-dropping views form the Grizzly Express Gondola; and use the Top of the World express Quad to get into the back bowls.

There are 145 marked runs and back bowls, served by 10 lifts. And walks along the shore of the frozen Lake Louise…

Sunshine Village

Why return to the valley at the end of each day when you can sleep over on the hill? At 2,195m (7,200ft) Sunshine Village is a place where you can roll right out of bed, right onto the piste. A favourite run from here is the Bye Bye Bowl off Lookout Mountain.

There are 115 named runs, plus graded areas and offshoots, the longest run is 5 miles (8km) and the terrain park spans more than 15 acres. Enough for everyone.

Mt Norquay

Just a short hop from Banff Mt Norquay is a confirmed family favourite. Try the famous and testing North American, but take a break to take in the views of Banff below. There’s also Steep Chutes and Sun Chutes, both accessible off Mystic chair lift. And there’s also the option of skiing here at night – if you’ve energy left after a very full day!

You’ll have 28 runs to choose from over 190 acres of skiable terrain, served by 6 lifts. More than half of the runs are either beginner (20%) or intermediate (36%)confirming it as an ideal destination for anyone new to the sport.

What’s really great is that you can reach all of these 3 with 1 ticket – the Ski Big 3 tri-area.